In our district we have a range of attractions for all ages:





In the village Kinsarvik you will find Mikkelparken. This is the perfect place for families with children. Mikkelparken is located only 6 km from Lutro Hytteutleige, only 7-8 minutes by car.

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Photo: Trolltunga Active AS

The district has several great opportunities for hiking, where the most spectacular one probably is Trolltunga. You will start the trip in Tyssedal, 30 km south of Lutro Hytteutleige.





Between the villages Kinsarvik and Lofthus you can also walk Dronningstien, a great trip over the peaks above Sørfjorden.



Husedalen and the Four Waterfalls


Photo: Trond Tandberg/Ullensvang Næringsforum

From Kinsarvik you can also walk the path through Husedalen, where you will pass the four waterfalls; Tveitafossen, Nyastølsfossen, Nykkjesøyfossen and Søtefossen. This is a trip well worth the effort, and it is suitable for all ages.



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